XMPP在安卓系统中的应用[英] Implementaion of XMPP into android






我将研究使用smack xmpp客户端库.它是用Java编写的,并与OpenFire XMPP服务器进行很好地集成. Ignite RealTime网站创建了库和服务器,具有非常活跃的论坛和用户社区.服务器也用Java编写,您也可以编写自定义插件.这是网站:

smack client api

您可以在网站菜单上访问论坛和OpenFire服务器.我发现一个开源smack android客户端:

开源android xmpp client

这可能是创建自己应用程序的一个很好的起点. Smack库也可用于连接到Google Talk.

另一个路由将在Web视图中使用JavaScript STROPHE客户端库.这是一个非常强大的库,已经存在了一段时间.

strophe javascript xmpp客户端库



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anyone can tell me about the implementation of XMPP into android. How to start and from which point i can start. please share with me any helpful link or code snippets for this.


I would look into using the Smack xmpp client library. It's written in java and integrates nicely with the Openfire xmpp server. The Ignite Realtime website which has created both the library and the server have a very active forum and user community. The server is also written in java and you can write custom plugins as well. Here is the website:

Smack Client API

You can get to the forums and Openfire server on the site menu. I found an open source Smack Android client as well:

open source Android xmpp client

This is probably a good starting point for creating your own app. The smack library can also be used to connect to Google Talk.

Another route would be to use the javascript Strophe client library in a web view. This is a very robust library that has been around for a while.

Strophe javascript xmpp client library