Visual Studio剖析器显示"[破碎]"为函数名[英] Visual Studio Profiler showing "[broken]" as function names

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我正在尝试介绍我的C ++ DLL,但是Profiler不与我合作.我想看到呼叫树一个启用,但是只有stl函数显示出来,而不是全部不连接 - 当我单击任何功能时,他们的呼叫者是" [brok broken].





 Profiler Output



如果不是这种情况,您可以尝试我的Profiriler "> - 我的profiriler - 我用作VisualStudio的扩展,正在仪器(意味着它的功能准确),并在实时显示统计信息.



I am trying to profile my c++ dll, but the profiler is not working with me. I would like to see the call tree an so on, but only the stl functions show up, and not all disjoint - when i click on any function, their caller is "[broken]".

I don't know if my google skills are just not sufficient, but i can not find any information on what [broken] means, and how to fix it.

This is a debug build. I cannot guarantee this is not due to some compiler settings, but i fell like i have tried everything.

It should be noted that breaking the code and adding breakpoints works fine, so the profiler just doesn't access this information

If it adds any information, profiling the specific DLL as specified here gives the exception "File contains no data buffers".

Profiler output


My guess is that something wrong with PDBs of your output (for instance, you may have /DEBUG:FASTLINK set in your linker's settings, which produces reference-only PDBs).

If it's not the case, you may try my profiler - it works as an extension to VisualStudio, is instrumenting (meaning it's function-accurate) and displays stats in realtime.