DocuSign-获得无效信封的原因[英] DocuSign - getting void envelope reason



How can I get the reason an envelope was voided thru the API? The envelope could be voided in multiple ways so it would be nice to know if it was voided because it expired as opposed to if the sender voided it. Can this be added to the envelope status object?


When you get status of an envelope through REST, voidedReason is one of the responses.{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}

voidedReason:"Envelope has expired."

When an envelope has expired, it will show: "Envelope has expired."

When someone declines or cancels an envelope, it will show the comments they entered in the text box upon voiding.

These responses given above do not show unless the envelope is in a voided status, so you'll want your request to only use this information is status is equal to 'voided'