Visual Studio 2013 update 4 cordova,如何导出Android apk文件在PlayStore发布[英] Visual Studio 2013 update 4 cordova, how to export Android apk file to publish in PlayStore

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通常,我在Eclipse ADT中开发本机Android应用程序,现在我尝试了新的Visual Studio Cordova插件(更新4 ),但是我没有找到导出和签署APK文件的方法 - 就像在Eclipse(Export Android Applyatoin)一样,也许有人可以在这里写下步骤逐步使用Visual Studio 2013导出并签署APK文件.



您需要进行以下操作才能创建,签名和发布APK到Google Play或任何其他Android商店.

1.)创建APK,在构建项目时会创建APK.在发行配置(推荐)中构建软件包,也可以构建APK的调试版本.当目标是模拟器或设备时,构建APK. apk位置为bin \ android \ repares或bin \ android \ debug

2.)创建密钥库并签署APK -

  • a.)您可以使用Signtool创建密钥库,在CMD(命令提示符)上运行命令(例如KeyTool -genKey -GenKey -V -Keystore my -release-key.key.keystore) -alias alias_name -keyalg rsa -keysize 2048 -Vality 10000可以找到更多详细信息在这里


4.)将APK发布到Android商店.可以找到有关出版应用程序到Google Play的更多详细信息,可以找到 ..



Usually i develop the native android apps in eclipse ADT, and now i trying the new Visual Studio cordova plugin (update 4), but i didnt find the way to export and sign the APK file - like in eclipse (Export Android Applicatoin), maybe somebody can write here the step by step proccess to export and sign the apk file using Visual Studio 2013.

Thank you, Dima.


You need to do following to create, sign and publish the apk to Google Play or any other Android store.

1.) Create the apk, apk is created when project is build. Build the package in Release configuration (recommended) or you can also build debug version of apk. apk is built when target is either emulator or device. apk location is bin\Android\Release or bin\Android\Debug

2.) Create keystore and Sign the apk --

  • a.) You can use signtool to create Keystore, run the command on cmd (command prompt) like keytool -genkey -v -keystore my-release-key.keystore -alias alias_name -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 More detail on this can be found here

  • b.) Open the res\native\android\ file, and enter information about the keystore and the alias. More detail here

3.) Build the project

4.) Publish the apk to Android store. More detail on publishing app to Google Play can be found here.