Apollo: 从cron job中调用一个突变的服务器端?[英] Apollo: Call a mutation server-side from cron job?

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我有一个使用Apollo的流星应用程序,并且我正在使用SyncedCron( https for .com/percolateStudio/Meteor-synced-cron )每2小时安排数据库上的更新操作.




也许我只是在误解突变的范围,这里更大的问题是突变是否可以从服务器中调用 ,或者仅是客户端.







I have a Meteor app that uses Apollo and I am using SyncedCron (https://github.com/percolatestudio/meteor-synced-cron) to schedule an update operation on the database every 2 hours.

Every two hours, fetch X data from some external API and store in Y collection of the database. Rinse and repeat.

My question is this: should this update operation be implemented as a graphQL mutation, and called server-side from within the cron job (if so, how do you do it?!), or should this be implemented as a normal JS function since it will only ever execute on the server?

All the mutation examples I can find online are invoked from the client by wrapping your View component in a graphql-enabled HOC.

Perhaps I am just misunderstanding the scope of mutations, and the larger question here is whether or not mutations CAN be invoked from the server, or if they are client-side only.

Hoping to find some clarification here on mutation best practices. Thanks!


I think you would just use axios (http call) or a meteor method here. I think mutations are just for browser-to-server.