Win CE 6.0运行时图像启动后变成黑屏[英] Win CE 6.0 run-time image after booting turns black screen

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我的Windows CE 6.0安装的原因是在初始加载后转向黑屏的原因?我自己建了Win CE 6.0.在初始屏幕显示WIN CE 6.0 LOGO后,带有进度条达到100%屏幕转动黑色.


我在我的开发环境中没有真正的硬件来测试它. 我刚刚建立了图像并发送到客户端进行测试.

I基于icop公司的支持船支持包上的Win CE图像.目标触摸面板是带有Vortex86Dx芯片组的icop.





对于所有有类似问题的人,我将为我提供适合我的解决方案. 在项目属性中,必须取消选中所有内容和特殊的Kitl和所有调试选项的建筑选项.此外,项目必须以释放模式构建.



What can be the cause of my Windows CE 6.0 installation to turn to black screen after initial loading ? I built the Win CE 6.0 myself. After initial screen displaying Win CE 6.0 logo with progress bar reaching 100% the screen turns black.

Is there any way to debug, test or emulate the run time image before deploying.

I have not a real hardware in my development environment to test it. I just built the image and sent to the client for testing.

I based the Win CE image on Board Support Package from the ICOP company. The target touch panel is ICOP with Vortex86DX chipset.

Every possible, permutation, combination results in black screen. I disabled all debuging techniques (KITL, ... ) without progress.

Please, give mi some advice where and how to find the problem.

Thanks in advance.


For all those who have similar problems as mine I will give the solution that worked for me. In the Project properties\Building Options must be unchecked everything and specially KITL and all debugging options. In addition the project must be built in Release mode.