iDrive" 1"添加到外部磁盘名称中

以下示例是关于Text中包含iDrive" 1"添加到外部磁盘名称中用法的示例代码,想了解iDrive" 1"添加到外部磁盘名称中的具体用法?iDrive" 1"添加到外部磁盘名称中怎么用?iDrive" 1"添加到外部磁盘名称中使用的例子?那么可以参考以下相关示例代码来学习它的具体使用方法。

文件名:drive_1_added_external_disk[英]:idrive "1" added to external disk name源码类型:Text
idrive "1" added to external disk name

To clear this problem, unmount all drives and go to the hidden /Volumes directory by entering the text "/Volumes" in the Finder's Go to Folder option (available in the Go menu). This should open the mount points directory, and if you see any folders, aliases, or other files in the directory that have the same name as your external drive, then remove them.